Core Sensor 2


Unibody 4 line bar system – Sensor 2 has everything to make the perfect connection between you and your kite. Its SSF safety system, titanium core, auto untwist and Rotor quick release are just some of the innovations we stuffed into the bar to make your connection simple, direct, and safe.

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The second generation model of the hugely popular SENSOR Bar is even lighter and boosts performance levels. Thanks to the Bar, weighing in at only 230 grams, the kite attached to the new SENSOR 2  is very direct and precisely steerable and you’ll feel any flight situation in high definition, just as if you were physically attached to the lines. The SENSOR 2 Bar comes equipped with a 24 meter long line set, which has been manufactured to the highest quality standards by the German line manufacturer Liros. On top of all this the SENSOR 2 Bar boasts the unique and brand new SSF Safety – together with a host of other innovative detailed solutions.


Key Features at a glance:

  1. 230g UNIBODY BAR: light and easy steering with high definition feedback
  2. TITANIUM CORE: extremely stiff and optimized power flow
  3. EXCHANGEABLE BAR INSERTS: super easy depower and protection for   your lines
  4. 24m OR VARIO LINES: High breaking resistance lines manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.
  5. SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): prevents line twisting and        quicker positioning to the perfect re-launch position.
  6. 100% SELF UNSWIVELLING: sort lines after every rotation
  7. ROTOR QUICKRELEASE: easy and reliable release in every situation
  8. SENSOR ADJUSTER: easy and finely adjustable trimming
  9. SPLICE ENDS: super robust spliced line ends
  10. VARIABLE BAR WIDTH: one bar for all kite sizes
  11. SHORT SAFETY LEASH: safer and more comfortable
  12. EVA GRIP: always the perfect grip


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